What could be the reasons for not ejaculating

What could be the reasons for not ejaculating?

  • Anejaculation is the complete absence of ejaculation, which is usually related to a disorder in the emission of semen into the urethra.
  • The reason for the lack of ejaculation during intercourse is most often the dysfunction of the central nervous system, but not only.
  • Patients with ejaculation disorders should first go to a urologist who will conduct a detailed interview and order appropriate tests. It is possible that you will also need to visit other specialists, primarily a neurologist.

How does lack of ejaculation manifest itself?

Lack of ejaculation, according to the definition given in the journal of the English Society of Andrology, is the complete absence of ejaculation – both normal and retrograde, caused by disorders in the emission of semen into the urethra .

It is worth noting that the lack of ejaculation in men is usually not related to the abnormal feeling of orgasm. On the contrary, orgasm is normal but not accompanied by ejaculation, which is sometimes referred to as a dry orgasm .

The medical literature also features the concept of anorgasmia , the inability to achieve orgasm, which usually leads to anejaculation.

What’s more, the lack of ejaculation should be differentiated from delayed ejaculation, i.e. requiring unusual stimulation of the erect penis to achieve orgasm. In addition, retrograde, weakened and premature ejaculation are also distinguished.

Retrograde ejaculation is the failure of normal, descending ejaculation as a result of semen moving backwards into the lumen of the bladder. The weakened one is characterized by a reduced ejection phase of ejaculation, but with the correct emission phase. Premature ejaculation, on the other hand, is diagnosed when ejaculation occurs about a minute after vaginal penetration begins.

Reasons for not ejaculating

In the literature, it is most often indicated that the reason for the lack of ejaculation during intercourse is the dysfunction of the central nervous system (spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease , multiple sclerosis ).

Secondly, the effects of drugs, most often antidepressants and antihypertensives, are mentioned. It should be remembered that alcohol abuse can also result in the lack of ejaculation .

In addition to dysfunctions of the central nervous system, dysfunctions of the peripheral nervous system are also indicated. The key place here is occupied by polyneuropathy, which is a consequence of diabetes.

Other reasons for the lack of ejaculation in men cannot be ruled out , including:

  • ectopic dilation of the ureter,
  • urethral stricture,
  • urethral valve or cumulus hypertrophy,
  • prostatectomy (removal of the prostate),
  • congenital defects of the triangle of the bladder,
  • congenital deficiency of dopamine β-hydroxylase.

Is not ejaculating harmful?

What could be the reasons for not ejaculatingMany patients wonder if not ejaculating is harmful . From the medical point of view, male orgasm without ejaculation does not pose a threat to the patient’s health, as it is itself a symptom of dysfunction of the central or peripheral nervous system. As specialists from the English Society of Andrology point out, in the treatment of ” dry ejaculation ” pharmacological agents and psychotherapy do not bring satisfactory results.

Typically, patients are prescribed vibrostimulation , which is the stimulation of the penis with a vibrator to trigger the ejaculation reflex. It should be noted, however, that the therapy is used in patients who have not suffered a violation of the lumbosacral segment of the spinal cord.

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Which doctor with no ejaculation?

Patients in many cases have doubts about which doctor deals with the treatment of lack of ejaculation during intercourse . Basically, the choice of specialist should depend on the mechanism behind the anejaculation. However, before the patient is properly diagnosed, he often visits doctors of many specialties. How to avoid it?

In the first place, it is worth going to a doctor specializing in urology , who will conduct an interview regarding the lack of ejaculation in terms of injuries, urogenital procedures or infections, as well as medications taken.

He will also order tests to find out the cause of the ailment. It is possible that he will also refer the patient to a neurologist, because in many cases the lack of ejaculation is related to the nervous system.

Can you get pregnant without ejaculating?

Many couples struggling with the problem of anejaculation wonder if it is possible to get pregnant through intercourse without ejaculation . If the semen quality is good and the man does not ejaculate retrograde, doctors recommend vibrostimulation in the first place. In the second place, electroejaculation is proposed (inducing ejaculation under the influence of electric current impulses).

If the method fails, it is possible to collect sperm by aspiration from the vas deferens.

However, if the tests also show poor semen quality, the likelihood of pregnancy will be much lower. In such a situation, couples are recommended in vitro fertilization programs.